Great work Zoran.

Just wanted to say that back porting to 2.19.x branch is not really
needed, as this branch is going to be EOL soon when we have 2.21.0
released, as then 2.19.x would be the last release.

On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 10:44 AM, Zoran Regvart <zo...@regvart.com> wrote:
> Hi Cameleers,
> I've created the initial Jenkinsfile and created multibranch pipeline
> job at builds.apache.org[1]. I'll continue to refine it on the
> `jenkins-pipeline` branch and then move that over to `master` when it
> stabilizes.
> Things still left to do:
>  - e-mail notifications
>  - cherry picking Jenkinsfile changes to 2.19 and 2.20 branches
>  - Java 9 build
>  - run integration tests with karaf, osgi and springboot
> Anyone wishing to contribute to this can experiment on a branch pushed
> to ASF/github mirror and see that branch being built in the same job,
> when you get it stable enough just cherry pick the changes to
> `master`.
> zoran
> [1] https://builds.apache.org/job/Camel/
> --
> Zoran Regvart

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