Ideally this should be an internal improvement, not necessarily exposing it as 
an config option, Carbon should be able to smartly figure out if leveraging 
index is beneficial or straightly going for a file scan (just as Parquet). 



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good suggestion!
Add one configurable option to disable index for no filter and small table
One comment : you are suggesting only disable MDK; How about other
index(inverted index,and MINMAX index)?

+1 for this feature


2016-09-28 6:49 GMT+08:00 Aniket Adnaik <>:

> Carbondata can provide some way to disable usage of multi-layered index and
> provide full table scan.
> This may help in following cases;
> 1. Small tables occupying only few number of blocks are probably better of
> using full table scan.
> 2. Queries with large number of projections with no filter may benefit from
> using full table scan.
> 3. Testing different scenarios and comparing with multiple HDFS file
> formats
> that do not provide multi layer index will be easier.
> Also, Carbondata scan internally should be smart enough to detect this
> based
> on query, data size, etc.
> Any comments?
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