Hi Vishal,

Which part of the preparation are you considering? The column stitching in the 
executor side?


> 在 2016年10月12日,下午9:24,Kumar Vishal <kumarvishal1...@gmail.com> 写道:
> Hi All,
> Currently we are preparing the final result row wise, as number of columns
> present in project list(80 columns) is high mainly measure column or no
> dictionary column there are lots of cpu cache invalidation is happening and
> this is resulting to slower the query performance.
> *I can think of two solutions for this problem.*
> *Solution 1*. Fill column data vertically, currently it is horizontally(It
> may not solve all the problem)
> *Solution 2*. Use code generation for result preparation.
> This is an initially idea.
> -Regards
> Kumar Vishal

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