I want to create table, using columns that contains spaces. I am using Thrift
Server and Beeline client for accessing carbon data. Whenever i am trying to
create a table, and their columns name contains spaces i am getting an
error. Below are the steps: 

Step 1: 
create table three (`first name` string, `age` int) stored by 'carbondata';

Whenever i am executing above query, i am getting below error: 
Unsupported data type : FieldSchema(name:first name, type:string,
comment:null).getType (state=,code=0)*

The above error is pretending to be wrong data types are using. 

If am going to remove `stored by 'carbondata'` on query, this will work

Please confirm this is an issue of carbon data or carbon data is not support
column name with spaces ?

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