In our 2.1 cluster, I find that hints handoff is using a lot of memory on
our proxy nodes, when delivering hints to a data node that was dead for 3+
hours (our hints window is 3 hours). It makes the young gen GC time as long
as 2 secs.

I'm using 64G max heap size, and 4G young gen size. I'm considering
increasing the young gen size, I'm wondering any improvements to hints
handoff in newer version?

some logs:
2016-09-20_05:04:30.67928 INFO  05:04:30 [Service Thread]: ParNew GC in
2200ms.  CMS Old Gen: 49112623080 -> 50052787792; Par Eden Space:
2863398912 -> 0;

mem usage:
2016-09-20T01:25:23.522+0000 Process summary
  process cpu=0.00%
  application cpu=140.36% (user=132.28% sys=8.08%)
  other: cpu=-140.36%
  heap allocation rate 1500mb/s
[001343] user=90.42% sys= 0.01% alloc= 1439mb/s - HintedHandoff:3
[290234] user=18.85% sys= 5.14% alloc=   40mb/s - CompactionExecutor:176226
[064445] user=17.57% sys= 1.09% alloc=   10mb/s - RMI TCP
[290439] user= 3.20% sys= 1.10% alloc= 4607kb/s - RMI TCP
[000016] user= 0.75% sys=-0.03% alloc= 2321kb/s - ScheduledTasks:1
[000149] user= 0.32% sys=-0.04% alloc= 1516kb/s - GossipStage:1
[001370] user= 0.11% sys= 0.04% alloc=  420kb/s - GossipTasks:1


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