[Moved from PMC as there is nothing really private involved]

DataStax has graciously offered to contribute cassandra-dtest [0] to
the project.

There were, however, two issues noted by Jonathan when he presented
the offer to the PMC:

1. dtest mixes tests for many cassandra versions together in a single
project.  So having it live in the main cassandra repo, versioned by
cassandra release, doesn't really make sense.  Is Infra able to create a
second repo for this, or is the "one project, one repo" mapping fixed?

2. DataStax did not require a CLA to contribute to dtest, so the non-DS
contributors to dtest would need to be contacted for their permission to
assign copyright to the ASF.  Is the PMC willing to tackle this?

In a brief discussion, it was deduced that #1 can be addressed by
adding apache/cassandra-dtest to the ASF repo (the example of
apache/aurora and apache/aurora-packaging was given to justify this).

#2 will be harder as it will require tracking a few people people down
to sign ASF CLAs.

Before we really put effort into this, I wanted to open the discussion
up about whether we are willing to take on the development of this in
the project. Thoughts?


[0] https://github.com/riptano/cassandra-dtest

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