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> In tree would foster more committers which is a good thing.


But I also agree that not being able to actually run unit tests is a bad
> thing. What if we asked people who want to contribute these types of
> optimizations to provide the ASF with a Jenkins slave we could test them
> on, if they want them in tree?

I think SOME FORM of jenkins/unit/dtests need to exist, whether it's ASF
puppet controlled or test output explicitly provided by the maintainer.

> Otherwise one good thing about out of tree is that the maintainer can
> specify "this plugin has been tested and works with Apache Cassandra
> version X.Y.Z". If it is in tree it is assumed it will work. If it is out
> of tree then the plugin can more easily notify a user what version it was
> last tested with.  And users won't be surprised if they upgrade and things
> break.

My main desire is that I'd like to see us do better at helping third party
contributors be successful in contributing, and to me that means something
more official. I like the spark packages model. I like the apache httpd
model (with LOTS of official extensions in-tree, but a lot externally
packaged as well). I'm not a fan of telling people to build and distribute
their own JARs - it doesn't help the contributors, it doesn't help the
users, and it doesn't help the project.

- Jeff

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