I ways back I had entire CASSANDRA-13976 out of sheer annoyance to change the 
hint time to be in minutes instead of ms.  Millisecond based resolution is a 
bit absurd for things like hints.  I figured minutes would be better, but after 
some back and forth realized durations (3h, 30m, etc) would be a lot easier to 
work with, and would probably be appropriate across the board.

I’ve dealt with quite a few clusters in the last year, and I’ve seen a handful 
of fat fingered config files, or non-standard times that make me bust out a 
calculator to be sure I’ve got things sorted out right, hence the original 

Jeff Jirsa suggested migrating to duration types would result in migration 
pain, and I’m not disagreeing with him.  I think we if were to move to duration 
types, we’d want something like the following:

1. add a blah_blah for every blah_blah_ms setting which accepts a duration
2. convert every setting to use blah_blah 
3. if blah_blah_ms is present, use that for blah_blah and set the duration to ms
4. internally everything converts to ms
5. make all node tool commands use durations 
6. for ever setting that’s switch to blah_blah, leave a note that says the 
setting it’s replacing
7. put a warning when people use blah_blah_ms and suggest the conversation to 
the new config field 
8. *sometime* in the future remove _ms.  Maybe as far as a year or two down the 

This seems to me like a significant change and I wanted to get some more 
opinions on the topic before pushing forward.  Thoughts?

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