it looks like the issue was related to an invalid keyspace. After I
dropped one keyspace (with an invalid datacenter name) and and altered
another one the warning is gone. But I can not reproduce it, even when
recreating the the previous keyspaces.


2018-02-02 18:41 GMT+01:00 Michael Fero <michael.f...@datastax.com>:
> Oliver,
> I have been unable to reproduce this issue using the cpp-driver against a
> locally created Apache Cassandra cluster using CCM with proper
> modifications to enable GosspingPropertyFileSnitch using the data centers
> and racks defined by the `nodetool status` information provided. I would
> suggest using CQLSH to query every nodes `system.local` and `system.peers`
> tables to make sure they all have the same `data_center` attribute defined
> as expected.
> NOTE: The only way that I was able to reproduce the issue using the default
> data center aware with token awareness was to provide an invalid data
> center name during the keyspace creation; however that is to be expected
> since that data center would not exist or be known to the cluster.
> ~Fero
> Michael Fero

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