I want to bring up some important changes to how addresses should be handled in 
Cassandra after 7544. As of 7544 a Cassandra instance (sometimes referred to as 
a node in the code) can't be identified by an InetAddress. It can't be 
identified for the purposes of the internal storage communication, and also for 
the purpose of the client port used for CQL.

InetAddressAndPort is the class we are using and that is almost always a 
reference to the storage port and it will supply the port from the yaml file if 
none is provided/available. InetSocketAddress is the type we used to refer to 
the native protocol address in most places as well as to interface with outside 
libraries like Netty or Java when opening connections although there are are 
few places where it is an InetAddressAndPort so you will need to look for 
variables named rpc address, or native address to know.

Using just an InetAddress for comparison is almost always wrong. Unwrapping the 
address from an InetAddressAndPort is almost always wrong. If you find a 
comparison where one side is an InetAddressAndPort and the other is an 
InetAddress it's a bug and there is probably a port available for you construct 
an InetAddressAndPort. In limited circumstances there might not be a port 
available such as when talking to a prior version node during rolling upgrade 
in which case you can let InetAddressAndPort supply the default from the YAML.

In FBUtilities you should pretty much never use getJustLocalAddress(), 
getJustBroadcastAddress() or getJustBroadcastNativeAddress(). You want the 
AndPort version as that will have the port specific to the instance.

I created https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CASSANDRA-14226 to add more 
documentation to the code to cover this a little better.


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