I am checking to see if we can include CASSANDRA-1448 in 4.0 release which 
provides ZSTD compressor for Cassandra. Currently changes are under review, 
implementation has unit test coverage similar to other compressors, also tested 
in Instagram’s shadow clusters.
Implementation structure is similar to other Cassandra’s iCompressor, but with 
extra compression_level configuration which is table/CF level. ZSTD supports 
levels 1-22. 1 being fastest and 22 being best at compression ratio.
According to benchmarks most of the use cases that I have tested gives better 
speed with ZSTD  than LZ4 and Deflate at same compression ratio.
ZSTD Compressor changes will not affect any tests, adding it to 4.0 gives an 
advantage to experiment and use ZSTD in production systems and enhance further. 
There is additional discussions on the Jira with a good summary given by Joey 
based on his testing of ZSTD as well.

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