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On 2018-12-19 17:03, Jeff Jirsa wrote:
> Definitely worth a JIRA. Suspect it may be slow to get a response this
> close to the holidays, but a JIRA will be a bit more durable than the
> mailing list post.
> On Wed, Dec 19, 2018 at 1:58 PM Sam Klock <> wrote:
>> Cassandra devs,
>> I have a question about the implementation of
>> PartitionUpdate.singleRowUpdate(), in particular the choice to use
>> EncodingStats.NO_STATS when building the resulting PartitionUpdate.  Is
>> there a functional reason for that -- i.e., is it safe to modify it to
>> use an EncodingStats built from deletionInfo, row, and staticRow?
>> Context: under 3.0.17, we have a table using TWCS and a secondary index.
>> We've been having a problem with the sstables for the index lingering
>> essentially forever, despite the correlated sstables for the parent
>> table being removed pretty much when we expect them to.  We traced the
>> problem to the use of EncodingStats.NO_STATS in singleRowUpdate(), which
>> is being used to create the index updates when we write to the parent
>> table.  It appears that NO_STATS is making Cassandra think the memtables
>> for the index have data from September 2015 in them, which in turn
>> prevents it from dropping expired sstables (all of which are much more
>> recent than that) for the index.
>> Experimentally, modifying singleRowUpdate() to build an EncodingStats
>> from its inputs (plus the MutableDeletionInfo it creates) seems to fix
>> the problem.  We don't have any insight into why the existing logic uses
>> NO_STATS, however, so we don't know if this change is really safe.  Does
>> it sound like we're on the right track?  (Also: I'm sure we'd be happy
>> to open an issue and submit a patch if this sounds like it would be
>> useful generally.)
>> Thanks,
>> SK
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