Following the vote for JIRA workflow changes, I have introduced the new 
Components and migrated any that were relatively easy*.  I have retained the 
old Component values with the prefix Legacy/.

I have also introduced the proposed Feature field into Component for now, until 
we can establish if it is possible to achieve an editable multi-select list. I 
have a ticket filed with Infra you can follow for progress on this and other 

To complete the migration of Component, it would be appreciated if we could all 
chip-in.  The filter below will list all of those tickets your jira user has 
been associated with as either reporter, assignee or reviewer, that is also 
associated with one of the legacy component types.  It would be appreciated if 
you could slowly work through your own (perhaps starting with reporter and 
assignee, then moving onto reviewer if the tickets remain un-migrated in a week 
or two)

project = CASSANDRA AND component in ("Legacy/Coordination", "Legacy/Core", 
"Legacy/CQL", "Legacy/Distributed Metadata", "Legacy/Documentation and 
Website", "Legacy/Local Write-Read Paths", "Legacy/Observability", 
"Legacy/Streaming and Messaging", "Legacy/Testing", "Legacy/Tools") AND 
(assignee = currentUser() OR reviewer = currentUser() OR reviewers = 
currentUser() OR reporter = currentUser())

Disappointingly, the majority of tickets have *no* Component associated with 
them.  Perhaps we could have a similar cleanup effort for those lacking 
Component at a later date.

* there are some remaining bulk migrations I may be able to perform using fuzzy 
string searches, but they won’t go very far
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