The project is primarily pushing towards a higher quality 4.0 release, so I am 
unaware of anybody considering this bug.

There’s a strong argument to be made for this to be fixed in 4.0, since it 
ideally requires a major version bump.  I can’t promise anybody will prioritise 
this over their other work for 4.0, though.  I don’t believe any active 
contributors use TTLs this large, so it is not so urgent for them.

> On 11 Jan 2019, at 11:01, manish khandelwal <> 
> wrote:
> Hi Team
> We are not able to insert data with large TTLs (expiration time beyond
> 2038-01-19T03:14:06+00:00).
> Even though prevented a
> workaround to avoid data loss, the permanent fix is still pending. I can
> see that the JIRA:
> which was open for permanent fix is still in unassigned state. I think it’s
> a high priority issue as the timestamp limit is continuously reducing as we
> approach 2038. Are there any plans to prioritize and fix the ticket?
> Regards
> Manish

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