Hello all,

It is my understanding that SASI is still to be considered an
experimental/beta feature, and they apparently are not being very actively
developed. Some higlighted problems in SASI are:

- OOMs during flush, as it is described in CASSANDRA-12662
- General secondary index consistency problems described in CASSANDRA-8272.
There is a pending-review patch addressing the problem for regular 2i.
However, the proposed solution is based on indexing tombstones. SASI
doesn't index tombstones, so it wouldn't be enterely trivial to extend the
approach to SASI.
- Probably insufficient testing. As far as I know, we don't have a single
dtest for SASI nor tests dealing with large SSTables.

Similarly to what CASSANDRA-13959 did with materialized views,
CASSANDRA-14866 aims to throw a native protocol warning about SASI
experimental state, and to add a config property to disable them. Perhaps
this property could be disabled by default in trunk. This should raise
awareness about SASI maturity until we let them in a more stable state.

The purpose for this thread is discussing whether we want to add this
warning, the config property and, more controversially, if we want to set
SASI as disabled by default in trunk.


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