> I propose the following artifacts for release as 2.1.21.

+1  for this release of 2.1.21

 - we don't really need the checksums on gpg signature files. (Previously 
releases are also doing this.) I believe they can just be manually deleted from 
the staging nexus repository.
 - is there a reason we don't send out a pre-vote announcement that the 
artefacts are cut and can be tested? A number of apache projects do this and my 
impression is it provides a little patience in ensuring artefacts get tested 
before everyone rushes in to vote. We're not exactly offering anyone (users 
included) who is willing to test an artefact any time to do so.
 - we're not seeing/testing (or voting on) the sha256/512 checksums, as they're 
not uploaded until final release, as described in CASSANDRA-14970. 



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