On 2018/11/26 13:39:50, Benedict Elliott Smith <b...@apache.org> wrote:
> We’ve concluded our efforts to produce a proposal for changes to the JIRA
workflow, and they can be found here:

> I hope there will be broad consensus, but I’m sure it won’t be plain
sailing.  It would be great to get a discussion going around the proposal,
so please take some time to read and respond if you think you’ll have a
strong opinion on this topic.>
> There remains an undecided question in our initial proposal, that is
highlighted in the wiki.  Specifically, there was no seemingly objective
winner for the suggested changes to Component (though I have a preference,
that I will express in the ensuing discussion).>
> Other contentious issues may be:>
>  - The removal of ‘labels’ - which is very noisy, the vast majority of
which provide no value, and we expect can be superseded by other
>  - The introduction of required fields for certain transitions, some of
which are new (complexity, severity, bug/feature category)>
>  - The introduction of some new transitions (Triage, Review in Progress,
Change Requested)>
> Look forward to hearing your thoughts!>

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