Some of it is just for clear attribution.

Occasionally, you do get an extensive review that borders on 

Sometimes you get a large body of work co-created by several people in author 

Having a multi-user Authors field, in addition to the multi-user Reviewers 
field that we already have, allows to more accurately reflect on the ticket who 
contributed in what capacity.

> On 8 Apr 2019, at 14:01, Joshua McKenzie <> wrote:
> What problem are we trying to solve w/this proposed change?
> Is the thinking for live querying of things in progress, or is the thinking
> for after-the-fact research to determine who wrote a thing to reach out to
> them for context? If the latter, does a change in JIRA metadata give us
> more context than good git commit message hygiene (i.e. list all authors on
> commit msg)?
> fwiw, no religion on the topic here. Just curious.
> On Mon, Apr 8, 2019 at 8:55 AM Benedict Elliott Smith <>
> wrote:
>> A couple of people have recently raised the possibility of an Author field
>> in JIRA, that permits multiple authors (much like we now support multiple
>> reviewers).
>> Unfortunately this can never be quite as clean as Reviewers, as Assignee
>> is a core Jira field and cannot be replaced entirely by Authors.  However,
>> when we (hopefully later) get the ScriptRunner add-on, we might be able to
>> manage it transparently.
>> In the meantime, I don’t see any harm in introducing an Author field
>> anyway.  Does anyone have any objections?
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