Just a reminder we are still accepting submissions for NGCC and our user
track at ApacheCon:

Thanks to the folks who have submitted so far!!


On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 1:22 PM Nate McCall <zznat...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I am delighted to share with you that we, the Apache Cassandra
> community, have been given a two day track at this year's ApacheCon
> North America.
> The goal of this track is simple: we are going to get together to talk
> about Apache Cassandra. As such, this will be the ideal place to
> network with peers, ask questions, get answers, etc.
> On day one, we will be having our Next Generation Cassandra Conference
> (NGCC). All are welcome to attend but this day is targeted for Apache
> Cassandra committers, contributors and large-scale cluster operators
> to get together and discuss topics of interest to them for future
> development efforts. The content will focus on internals and will be
> geared towards folks with knowledge of the codebase and/or operating
> Cassandra in very large environments. Talk submissions for NGCC should
> take this target audience into account.
> Day two will be more general purpose and accessible for a wider
> audience. If you are interested in speaking here, put something
> together that tells a story others will want to hear. What we are
> looking for is general use case submissions that our users will find
> interesting. This can be how you solved a specific problem or just a
> general picture into how your organization uses Apache Cassandra. A
> good submission will embrace the open source ethos of sharing
> information to help others solve similar problems.
> NGCC talks will be targeted to 30 minutes with 15 minutes for
> questions or small break out discussions. General purpose talks will
> have 40 minutes with five minutes for questions.
> For more information, including details of how to submit proposals,
> please see this page:
> http://cassandra.apache.org/events/2019-apache-cassandra-summit/

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