I've been trying to engage with people from upstream distributions (CentOS, 
Fedora, Debian etc) to get our free/oss packages published focusing on LTS 
releases. The noredist/non-oss packages most likely are not going to be 
supported due to licensing issues by these distros so they will continue to be 
supported by 3rd parties.

The larger goals are to make it easier for users to install CloudStack and for 
the project to be able to reach a wider people-base and grow our community.

This year's FOSDEM, I met a couple of people along with Daan to discuss this 
and we've made some progress in this regard. The purpose of this thread is to 
engage with others who may be interested and may help us do this.

Some of us have been participating and have been accepted into CentOS's 
CloudSIG group, our first goal is to understand their processes, tooling, and 
come up with first set of free/oss rpm packages for CentOS and then understand 
how we can help get them published.

I'm trying to aim the same for Debian (Ubuntu?), Fedora and if you've any 
pointers/advice for me that would be great!

All interested people are free to join me in the CloudSIG meetings that will 
happen weekly on Thursday on #centos-devel channel in Freenode at 1500UTC. The 
first meeting was held today, here are some useful links:

Meeting log:

- Rohit


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