This feature was implemented in 4.9 by my colleague Nathan Johnson.  You enable 
it by changing the global setting  snapshot.backup.rightafter to false.

The PR is reference here:

We have the exact same use case as you, as we also use Ceph.

- Si

From: Glen Baars <>
Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2018 9:46 AM
Subject: Snapshots only on Primary Storage feature

Hello Devs,

I have been thinking about a feature request and want to see what people think 
about the use case.

We use KVM + Ceph RBD as storage.

Currently, when a client takes a snapshot, Cloudstack takes a Ceph snapshot and 
then uses qemu-img to export to secondary storage. This creates a full backup 
of the server. Clients want to use this as a daily snapshot and it isn’t 
feasible due to the space requirements.

We would like create the snapshot only on primary storage. It is replicated 
offsite and fault tolerant. I can see that the download snapshot and create 
template features may be an issue.

I have seen the below features in the recent releases and wondered if this was 
the direction that the development was going.

Separation of volume snapshot creation on primary storage and backing operation 
on secondary storage.

Bypass secondary storage template copy/transfer for KVM.

Kind regards,

Glen Baars

BackOnline Manager

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