Hi Glen,

Are you using basic or advanced zone? How is your networking configured on your 
KVM host? My guess is you run guest traffic and management traffic on the same 

Dag Sonstebo
Cloud Architect

On 12/06/2018, 04:40, "Glen Baars" <g...@onsitecomputers.com.au> wrote:

    Hello Devs,
    When we deployed cloudstack 4.11.0 into production, we found that the UFW 
rules for the KVM host overrides the firewall rules set by the user in 
cloudstack. This prevented network access to the VMs on most ports.
    We followed the guide on this page for the advanced zone – ubuntu.
    Disabling UFW on the KVM host fixed the issue but obviously not a great 
solution ☹
    Is there any logging that would help? I have a spare server in the 
production cluster that I can test the issue on.
    Kind regards,
    Glen Baars
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