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IMHO the most likely scenario ATM will be that JS libs for eg. CForms would be minified and packaged as a production step, either manually or automatically. Then served as Mark says, via HTTPD using gzip compression.

i.e. there is more than just compression involved

But, I have not got this far yet .....

regards Jeremy

On 13 Aug 2008, at 17:42, Mark Lundquist wrote:

I guess a JS reader could be helpful for applications where all resources are served directly by "raw" Cocoon, i.e. if any compression is to be done then Cocoon has to do it. But don't most applications in a Web setting run Cocoon behind an Apache front- end? Then you can just have Apache gzip whatever you want, all outside of Cocoon, right? And wouldn't that take care of whatever one might want to gain from using a special compressing/"minifying" component for a specific resource type?

I could be totally wrong about this, but that's just how it seemed to me... anyway, is the use case for this specifically the scenario where un-Apache-front-ended Cocoon is being used to serve resources directly?


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