Release of version 1.0 will be delayed for another two weeks,
waiting for additional implementations.

If you intend to try and implement them, please assign the
issue to yourself.
Patches for other algorithms are welcome too.

Please note that any new implementation must come with
(1) a unit test where the output (say, a few hundred
    numbers) of "Commons RNG" is compared against a
    "reference" implementation,
(2) the outputs of the "RandomStressTester" piping
    from the "Dieharder" and "TU01/BigCrush" actual
    stress test suites.

If you provide the Java code and (1), I can take take care
of (2), since I have the software installed already.[1]


[1] Please take into account that it will take about 32
    hours to run "BigCrush".
    Hence, I'll start all the runs (3 "Dieharder" and 3
    "BigCrush", per new implementation) in _one_ go.

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