i'm using commons-daemon on linux (so, jsvc). and, i'm trying to understand
when jsvc will restart the managed java app, and when it will not.

I think it all boils down to this snippet in java.c:

272     opt[x].optionString = strdup("abort");
> 273     jsvc_xlate_to_ascii(opt[x].optionString);
> 274     opt[x].extraInfo = (void *)java_abort123;
> 275     arg.options = opt;

I think the controller process only restarts my process (the "child") when
the child exits with 123? and i think the child only exits with 123 if the
JVM calls the "abort" hook. does that sound right?

so, please help me brainstorm all of the scenarios when the abort hook is
called. i think the intent is to restart only when the "jvm crashes" (from
https://commons.apache.org/proper/commons-daemon/jsvc.html) but i don't
know what that means.

Mori Bellamy

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