Hi all

actually it is SeekableByteChannel-support combined with a byte[] backed
implementation of SeekableByteChannel.

Over the past few days I've rewritten the zip and 7z packages to become
independent of RandomAccessFile and thus no longer require writing to or
reading from a file. The required changes haven't been big, but I'd
really like to have a few more eyes to validate what I've done.

I've also introduced SeekableInMemoryByteChannel (which might be a
candidate for commons-io or commons-nio but that's for a different
thread). This class currently clearly is not thread-safe and I'm leaning
towards just stating that it isn't and remove the half-hearted attempts
(volatile and local captures of changeable values) of making it look
thread-safe. The rest of Compress isn't thread-safe either.

I am aware that SeekableInMemoryByteChannel could use more tests.



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