Some months ago I was asked to give a talk about Open Source during an event 
organized by Geek Girls Carrots (a global organization focused on connecting, 
learning and inspiring women in Tech and IT). The women were very interested in 
this theme (especially how the licensing model works).

Our local GGC community in Wroclaw celebrates this year the 4th anniversary and 
I'd like to make a small gift for them and add a new position to their book 
library - I think a book about Open Source (incl. licensing), which clarifies 
it in a simple, interesting way (not only for IT specialists but also for 
humanists, lawyers, teachers,...), would be a good idea.  I'd like to ask you 
whether you could propose some interesting titles.

Kindly regards

Krzysztof Sobkowiak

JEE & OSS Architect, Integration Architect
Apache Software Foundation Member (http://apache.org/)
Apache ServiceMix Committer & PMC Member (http://servicemix.apache.org/)
Senior Solution Architect @ Capgemini SSC (http://www.capgeminisoftware.pl/)

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