On 17/10/2016 13:00, Nick Burch wrote:
> On Sun, 16 Oct 2016, Jeff Zhang wrote:
>> I am working on one ticket of apache project. And this feature requires
>> another third party jar but unfortunately this jar is not available in
>> public maven repository.
> Note that it's possible to upload other people's open source jars to
> maven central via OSSRH. Normally you'd ask the project in question if
> they'd mind uploading their own release via OSSRH, which they often will
> do with a bit of support. If it's abandoned or they project has no
> interest, you can build/tweak a pom and upload it for them.
> There's several Apache projects which do this moderately often for open
> source libraries they want to depend on (Apache Tika being one such that
> I know of), so there's experience around to help if you need it

+1. That route is much preferable to adding JARs to the svn repo.


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