Christopher wrote on 8/10/17 3:45 PM:
> Hi all,
> I noticed that Whimsy is doing some helpful QA checks for project sites,
> and has a check for "Event" (
> This seems to be a check for a link/image to current events. However, the
> "current" event image is for the last ApacheCon in Miami (
> If I'm trying to
> update a project's site to be all green in Whimsy... I'm not sure I want to
> add a link/image to a "current" event which is not actually "current".
> Should this image just be updated to something generic, or the next
> upcoming event?

Excellent point - since we do not have a next ApacheCon scheduled, we
don't necessarily have an event-related image (yet) that we want all
projects to display.

This is more a question for Rich as VP, Conferences, and for the Whimsy
PMC at dev@whimsical.  This raises the excellent Whimsy feature point of
how to display site-check "best practices" rather than "requirements" so
you can still feel good about updating your website even in this case.

Thanks for the question!


- Shane

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