Thank you, Zen. The logo is fine. You are good to go.

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  On Wed, Apr 4, 2018 at 0:43, Sally Khudairi<> wrote:   Thank 
you, Zen. Yes, I will be happy to check the images when I am back in the office 
later today. 
Kind regards, Sally

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  On Wed, Apr 4, 2018 at 0:29, Zen Lin<> wrote:   Hi 
Sally, thanks, it is so nice of you to give the instructions.
The "Powered By" image is just have been designed yesterday after I gone 
through the  doc of press-kit[1]. We still have not updated to the Servicecomb 
website[2] because it has not been checked by ASFMarketing & Publicity.
I just shared the images google drive through your email, could you help to do 
a check about wheather the image is specific to the Apache Incubator 

[1] guides/press-kit.html[2]

Zen Lin
2018-04-03 19:31 GMT+08:00 Sally Khudairi <>:

Thank you, Zen. I appreciate your reaching out.

Overall, this looks fine. We will also need signoff from ASF Brand
Management ( I've copied them here for
their review.
Also, please ensure that the "Powered By" images are specific to the
Apache Incubator guides/press-kit.html :-)
Please let me know once you have signoff and I'll be happy to add the
event to the "Community Notices" section of the Apache Weekly News Round-
ups foundation/entry/the-apache- news-round-up64
Warm regards,

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The Apache Software Foundation

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On Tue, Apr 3, 2018, at 01:16, Zen Lin wrote:
> Hi ASF Marketing & Publicity,
> In order to promote ServiceComb and its community, ServiceComb are
> planning to hold a mini meetup as a Co-located Event in LC3 2018 Asia.>
> The Proposal for holding the mini meetup have been approved with the
> PMCs of ServiceComb [1] .>
> I have gone through the docs of  Approval of small Apache-related
> events[2] and   Apache branding rules[3], this mail is to describe
> some details of the planning event and ask for using the name logo of
> Apache ServiceComb(incubating) in the event. Further advices are
> welcomed.>
> Some details of the idea/plan,
> 1. Name of the event: Apache ServiceComb(incubating) Meetup
>    Hosted/Presented by Huawei  PaaS> 2. Event organizer: PMCs of ServiceComb 
> 3. Estimated attendees: 60~100
> 4. Where/When/How: As a Co-located Event in LC3 Asia, June 25-27,
>    2018, China National Convention Center, Beijing, China> 5. Possible 
>topics: user pratices/technologies/ ecosystem sharing
> We are requsting two permissions,
> 1. Use the name of "Apache ServiceComb Incubating Meetup
>    Hosted/Supported by Huawei PaaS"> 2. Use the "Powered By" Apache Incubator 
>logo of ServiceComb.
> [1] msg03298.html> 
> [2] events/small-events.html
> [3] foundation/marks/events.html
> Thanks very much,
> Zen Lin


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