About https://reporter.apache.org:

1) What is the policy for suggesting and committing changes to the source code? Should I discuss here and then go ahead and commit if there is consensus? Are there separate "live" and "development"/"staging" versions?

2) Automation. As the current release manager for Apache Subversion I would like to automate the sending of release data to this tool. Is there any more automation currently possible for adding a release than the "/addrelease.html?subversion" selector that the reminder email already gives me?

I found the following note:


right at the end of https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/comdev/reporter.apache.org/trunk/README.txt

Can I access that functionality as an end user?

3) Future dates. When I publish a release, 24h in advance of release date, I get a reminder email to report it here, but then when I try to fill in the data here, with a release date of tomorrow, it errors with "date is in the future" which is true but should not be an error. Please could we change this? I think it would be ideal to allow releases to be notified up to something like 31 days in advance, while still catching far-future dates that are more likely to be errors.

Index: site/js/addrelease.js
--- site/js/addrelease.js       (revision 1828957)
+++ site/js/addrelease.js       (working copy)
@@ -25,4 +25,4 @@
   var now = (new Date().getTime())/1000
-  if (nn >= now) {
-    alert("The date is in the future!")
+  if ((nn - now) > 60*60*24*31) {
+    alert("The date is more than a month in the future!")
     return false

4) The bugs/issues link is broken, both on the footer of https://reporter.apache.org/addrelease.html :

  "The Issue tracker is at [JIRA COMDEV, component Reporter]."

and on https://reporter.apache.org/about.html :

  "Bugs ... [COMDEV project, component Reporter]."

I am not sure what the correct URL would be.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

- Julian

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