Isabel Drost-Fromm wrote on 4/12/18 3:01 AM:
> On 10/04/18 14:57, Kevin A. McGrail wrote:
>> I think we are closer.
>> - (community event calendar that will also include
>> entries for Apache official events linked to apachecon_
>> - (apachecon, roadshows and official Apache events)
> I believe we need a better definition of what we count as "official
> Apache events". One I've heart before that made some sense would be
> "organised through planners@ and featuring Apache exclusive content".

In my past life, I would have said "official Apache events" are only the
events that:

- Are branded as Apache events - "ApacheCon*" or anything with "Apache"
in the name.  Otherwise, how does the world know they're official?

- Are organized by planners@ or by an Apache PMC or otherwise in a
situation where VP Conferences or a PMC has a direct and official say in
defining the conference content.  As opposed to a commercial company
that's often competing with our projects.

The issue is - who decides?  If *we* don't have a clear definition and
stamp of approval, we've seen in the past there are vendor-run events
that regularly hijack our project's trademarks for their own benefit -
and sometimes to our project's detriment.

Events should only show on our calendar with the magic "official Apache
Event" stamp if it uses our branding directly.   But I also agree that
we should make it much easier to list the many other events in the same
calendar, both at the ASF level as well as at a project level.

> Please refine the definition to make it a better fit.


- Shane
  Director & Member
  The Apache Software Foundation

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