In the last month I've been reading through a lot of CouchDB documentation, as I'm writing a CouchDB Client API library. As such, I've had a lot of opportunity to submit documentation update PRs. But I find myself wishing for greater guidance than can be found simply by reading the existing documentation, as there's not always a lot of consistency in the docs.

I opened a GitHub issue asking for such guidance, and was referred here. What guidance can this list offer, so that I can work toward formulating a contributor guideline for CouchDB documentation?

Feel free to respond here, or on GitHub:

Below is my original post:

As I'm finding myself contributing more and more PRs to this documentation, I wish I had some guidelines, other than the existing docs, for what's acceptable.

 * How detailed should descriptions be?
 * Are config options expected to always show default values? Or is any
   valid value permitted?
 * Is it appropriate to retroactively update|whatsnew|documentation?
 * (Where) should documentation changes be discussed before submitting
   a PR?

And I'm sure many more questions will come up.

Are these things documented somewhere? I'd be happy to turn them into a document and submitting a PR. :)

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