Thank you for the summary Joan, and thanks Ilya, for being proactive about 
resolving this.


> On 7. Feb 2018, at 20:59, Joan Touzet <> wrote:
> Hi Ilya,
> No problem, and thanks for the apology. I think the issue was made worse
> by the unclear PR, and how fast it got merged without responding to
> concerns. As it turns out, the revert was fine, but I think everyone
> agrees that more discussion on the revised API endpoint is necessary.
> Those discussions should probably take place on the mailing list, not in
> a GitHub issue or PR, where CouchDB devs can easily miss them.
> I'll be proposing a change to our Bylaws to make the appropriate process
> for API endpoint review clearer in a follow-up email.
> For others who are wondering what this is about:
> In Issue #820, I requested the ability to POST to /{db}/_all_docs
> multiple queries, so (for example) multiple sub-ranges of documents
> could be retrieved in a single request. (We have similar functionality
> today to multi-query views.)
> Jiang implemented an approach, extended it to /{db}/_design_docs and
> /{db}/_local_docs, and submitted a very nice PR with tests and
> documentation. It was approved and merged.
> At this point, Ilya asked if we could change this endpoint, because it
> makes it hard to describe in terms of an OpenAPI standard, and it can be
> hard to implement a client easily in some languages. I said sure, go
> ahead, the feature isn't released yet.
> After minor discussion in #820 on the new endpoint name, Jiang rewrote
> his pull request #1143 description "Remove queries for _all_docs,
> _design_docs and _local_docs". I asked for clarification on what
> actually changed, to be sure that this didn't remove the functionality
> we have for views.
> Ilya +1'ed the PR without responding and merged it.
> A few of us misinterpreted this PR as removing an existing, published
> API endpoint (view multi-query) without review and panicked. After some
> more analysis and back and forth, everyone agreed to let the reversion
> stand, though there is some debate over the eventual name of these new
> endpoints.
> There is also a desire to normalise the endpoint for view multi-querying
> as well, for consistency, while we're at it. If we do this, we'll need
> to leave both endpoints as is for 2.x, and wouldn't consider removing
> the older multi-query until 3.x at the earliest.
> -Joan
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> Sent: Tuesday, 6 February, 2018 7:08:49 PM
> Subject: Apologies for missconduct
> Hello,
> I apologize for the jerk behaviour I conducted today. When I reverted the 
> previously merged and not yet documented feature. I've should send an email 
> to this mailing list in addition to the conversations on github issue related 
> to the feature. 
> As a commiter I have a responsibility to the team which is working 
> relentlessly on the project and I should have been communicating my 
> intentions better.
> Best regards,
> iilyak
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