JingChen created CRUNCH-624:

             Summary: temporary table size is 0, which makes reducer number too 
                 Key: CRUNCH-624
                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CRUNCH-624
             Project: Crunch
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: Core
            Reporter: JingChen
            Assignee: Josh Wills

if the pipeline produce temporary table , the reduce number of the temporary 
table whose input table is temporary table may become very small in some cases, 
since temporary table has no content .

And, I may found the root cause in my caseļ¼š

public void materializeAt(SourceTarget<S> sourceTarget) {
  this.materializedAt = sourceTarget;
  this.size = materializedAt.getSize(getPipeline().getConfiguration());

public long getSize() {
    if (size < 0) {
        this.size = getSizeInternal();
    return size;

PColletionImpl.materializeAt(sourceTarget) this method will be invoked when 
node splits to create temporary table, source sourceTarget binds with the new 
temporary table whose size is 0, since its path was just created, the this.size 
will be 0. After that, when getSize() was invoked by setting reduce number, 
since the size is 0, it will just return 0, which makes reduce number too small.
So i think the code of materializeAt() should check sourceTarget's size, like 
public void materializeAt(SourceTarget<S> sourceTarget) {
  this.materializedAt = sourceTarget;
  long size = materializedAt.getSize(getPipeline().getConfiguration());
  if (size > 0)
      this.size = size;

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