Hello, cTAKES developing team,

We are using and comparing various NLP tools (including cTAKES) for processing 
over 5 million clinical notes within Johns Hopkins Medical Institutes. As a 
part of our comparisons, we are exploring the architecture of the NER and 
(UMLS) concept linking components of the tools.

I was able to find the description on the cTAKES default/original dictionary 
look up in the Savova et. al. 2010 paper but I was not able to find a paper or 
tech report describing the fast UMLS dictionary lookup (Fast UMLS Processor) 

Any description of the fast dictionary lookup algorithm is highly appreciated.

Thank you,
Masoud Rouhizadeh

Masoud Rouhizadeh, PhD

NLP Specialist / Software Engineer
Institute for Clinical and Translational Research
Center for Clinical Data Analysis
School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University

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