​If you are using the current user binary distribution on ctakes (4.0.0),
then this may be an issue with java on your system itself rather than with
ctakes. Do you know if you are able to run other java applications on your
machine (from the command line are there any weird looking messages)?
Without knowing more about your java setup or what you have already tried,
this (https://stackoverflow.com/a/30090225/8236733) may be helpful to you.​

On Fri, Apr 6, 2018 at 3:55 AM, Gesner, Emily <emily_ges...@dfci.harvard.edu
> wrote:

> I am new to cTAKES and I know that there have been some emails discussing
> how to resolve this but I have not found one that provides the solutions.
> So I apologize in advance if this email seems a bit redundant. I have
> followed the user guide to install cTAKES and when I try to run the CAS
> Visual Debugger, I get this error:
> Error occurred during the initialization of VM
> Could not reserve enough space for 3145728KB object heap
> I do have a 64 bit machine, it is only 4 months old and runs windows 10.
> Java is up to date and there is over 800G of memory available on my machine.
> What am I missing here?
> Thank you,
> Emily
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