Rohan Suri created CURATOR-476:

             Summary: PathChildrenCache never get initialized if a child dies 
before a data watch is registered for it
                 Key: CURATOR-476
             Project: Apache Curator
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: Recipes
            Reporter: Rohan Suri


PathChildrenCache started with 
PathChildrenCache.StartMode.POST_INITIALIZED_EVENT there could be the following 
 1. PCC calls getChildren("../parent") and gets the list of it's children
 2. PCC calls processChildren(...) where it puts them into it's \{initialSet} 
-- set of children whose data it will fetch and cache
 3. Later in the same method it calls getDataAndStat(..."/parent/somechild") 
where it calls getData(...) on this child and registers a dataWatcher for this 

Midst of step 2&3, child node could get deleted -- but since step 3 hasn't 
completed yet, the dataWatcher isn't triggered (since it is not even registered)
 and we miss the NodeDeleted event.

Since our \{initialSet} still contains the child path, the initialized event is 
never fired.

The fix:

As of now there's only one codepath to removing a path from the \{initialSet} 
(from the data watcher)

The remove should also be called in the callback of our 
getData(..."/parent/somechild") being done in Step 3 if the 

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