It may indeed make sense to drop Karaf 3 related modules from 3.2.0.

Few other modules are being considered as candidates for being removed from 3.2.0 in the other dev thread - and as suggested there we can always restore the removed modules if really needed.

Thanks, Sergey

On 20/09/16 14:06, Daniel Kulp wrote:
Looking at Guillaume’s changes for CXF-7060, I have to wonder one thing:

For 3.2, do we still need support for Karaf 3?    Karaf 4 has been out for a 
while and I believe most folks have migrated.   If we don’t need support for 
Karaf 3.x the changes Guillaume is doing can be simplified greatly and we can 
avoid all the duplication between the two features.xml files and such.


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