It's not something that you should need to configure. It's used by the
streaming WS-Security code inside WSS4J to retrieve security "events" from
either inbound or outbound processing. For example, on an inbound request
you might decrypt a key which you might then need to use to secure the
message reply.


On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 10:51 AM, Isuranga Perera <>

> Hi
> I'm using CXF security processing with stream security. There I was able
> to find
> List<SecurityEvent> requestSecurityEvents =
>                 (List<SecurityEvent>) 
> soapMessage.getExchange().get(SecurityEvent.class.getName()
> + ".out");
> Appreciate if you can explain how to set this SecurityEvent extension
> manually and the purpose of it.
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