Hey Andriy

Thanks very much, I'm humbled (knowing how truly limited I can be at times :-) ), but I'm def not the one who made CXF succeed :-). Many of us did... Speaking of which, all that time you've spent over the years, keeping tirelessly enhancing CXF JAXRS (but not only), this is what did help CXF JAXRS get to the next level, I and we've all appreciated it and please keep contributing :-).

I'll be around most of the next week, and talk to you soon

Thanks, Sergey

On 09/02/18 14:24, Andriy Redko wrote:
Hey Sergey,

You are the one who made CXF to be what it is today. I won't be affraid to add 
that you are
the exceptional example of true leader, contributor and mentor (for many of 
us). I know how
hard it is to find the time to dedicate to the project besides working hours, 
but I really
hope you would be able to pull it off, even just a bit.

I wish you the best at the new place. You are the foundational part of CXF and 
you will
always be, that's a given. Thank you so much for all these years of dedication 
and hard work.
You are one of the brightest people I am honored to know!

Best Regards,
     Andriy Redko

SB> Hi Guys,
SB> Just a short note that I'll be going offline for a while pretty soon, at
SB> the end of next week, this is due to me starting a new job in a company
SB> with their own JAX-RS investment/interest, and joining the project which
SB> depends on that, with no CXF JAX-RS link.

SB> Please get in touch privately if you reckon I might be of some help,

SB> Thank you all and best of luck :-)

SB> Sergey

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