Hi guys,

I just had a discussion yesterday with Mike and Steve and we already had 
several discussions before in the PLC4X project.
We like Daffodil but have the issue that we do not fit with the “Interpreter” 
Runtime it currently is.
Mainly for two issues, performance and interoperability.
So Ideally, I would like to have a piece of code which takes a DFDL Schema file 
and generated Code which is specifically to parse the given schema, probably in 
a given output. Ideally in multiple languages.

As its not (yet) Christmas, I guess I will not get that for free so I played 
around a bit with the code and tried to understand it as good as possible and 
for me it seems that it is not that undoable as I initially thought (I already 
checked some months ago).
In fact, if I get it right, the key would be to add another method `translate: 
AstNode` to the `Parser` trait.
This should then generate an Ast (Sub-)node which represents all the action 
that would be done in the regular `parse` method.
Then, we could finally, try to translate this Ast to Code and dump it to a file 
(I guess this is the rather easy part).

This is just a rough thought, but I wanted to get it to the list and probably 
we will find some time to discuss it at ACNA.


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