Thank you for such a comprehensive response!  I will study the Accumulo
site for ideas!



On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 9:05 PM Christopher <> wrote:

> A "What's New" blog is a great idea. However, I don't think you need a
> menu item to show it off. In Apache Accumulo, we have a similar thing.
> We have a news feed and a separate releases feed. The news feed
> includes both blogs and releases. And, we use Jekyll's liquid
> templating engine to helps us emit these as RSS feeds as well as
> reserve a dedicated region of the front page to the most recent posts
> from the news feed.
> I do think it'd be a good idea to remove the GitHub button. That
> button would be better placed in a sub-menu that would point people to
> project-related information, such as a link to the issue tracker
> (GitHub, JIRA, Bugzilla, whatever you're using), a link to the source
> repository (GitHub is fine, especially if you prefer PRs from
> contributors), a list of team members (PMC, committers, and sometimes
> contributors), and contact channels (mailing list, Slack, IRC,
> whatever you use). In a maven-site-plugin generated site, this kind of
> information would be collected as sub-menus in a top-level menu entry
> called "Project Information". In Accumulo, we have a similar menu
> called "Community", and the link to the source code is provided on a
> page called "How to Contribute" that is inside that Community menu.
> Optimizing the site navigation is challenging. I'm not an expert by
> far, especially when it comes to aesthetics. I do think that fewer
> menu options is generally better, though, if you can organize things
> that way. More choices in the menus just means more ways for users to
> get lost, IMO.
> On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 11:41 PM leerho <> wrote:
> >
> > Folks, I have been working on improving the website and I think we
> really need a "What's New" blog as part of our Nav Bar.  But we are running
> out of room.
> >
> > We have been adding a lot of valuable material on the website to help
> users and developers understand the different sketches, what they are for
> and what features and trade-offs they have.  But without some sort of
> announcement mechanism, no one will know that this information is available.
> >
> > I would suggest that we remove the "GitHub" button from the Nav Bar are
> replace it with a "What's New" button.
> >
> > I would think that the only folks that need direct access to the
> underlying Apache GitHub sites would be developers that wish to submit
> PRs.  And developers can access the GitHub sites via either the Community /
> Contributing section (click on GitHub Components) or from the ToC menu
> under Architecture And Design / Components.
> >
> > It is my hunch that a "What's New" is more important than quick access
> to the GitHub sites.  There are far more users than developers and
> developers will search for the GitHub sites and find them without too much
> trouble.
> >
> > If you look at the Apache Beam website, they don't have GitHub mentioned
> in their Nav Bar nor does Druid.  However, Druid does still show it
> prominently just on their front page. So I guess every project considers
> this differently.
> >
> > Any comments or suggestions?
> >
> > Lee.
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