Good afternoon!

I'd like to call a VOTE on releasing Apache DeltaSpike 1.9.0.
This is the first version which requires Java8 as minimum Java version!
Apart from that it introduces a new SPI for our configuration system and the 
ability to better deal with dynamic configuration values.

The staging repo can be found here:

The source release zip is here:
sha1: d83b8174b2eaac0071606428dfc9792f8d0c6ff5

The following tickets got resolved since 1.8.2:


        • [DELTASPIKE-900] - ResourceLocalTransactionStrategy not working with 
multiple EntityManagers
        • [DELTASPIKE-1198] - BeanManagerProvider.isActive() returns true after 
container shutdown
        • [DELTASPIKE-1324] - @Transactional annotation at method level doesn't 
override the one at class level any more
        • [DELTASPIKE-1327] - EnvironmentPropertyConfigSource is not scannable?
        • [DELTASPIKE-1336] - Regression: deltaspike-cdictrl-weld 1.8.0 depends 
on weld-api 1.1.Final
        • [DELTASPIKE-1344] - deltaspike-cdictrl-owb has a transient runtime 
dependency on Shrinkwrap and Arquillian
        • [DELTASPIKE-1349] - isProxyableClass should ignore methods from 
        • [DELTASPIKE-1351] - Java 10: IllegalArgumentException in 
        • [DELTASPIKE-1353] - null values as arguments in messagebundles lead 
to exceptions
New Feature

        • [DELTASPIKE-1280] - Automatic support for count* methods in 
        • [DELTASPIKE-1315] - EntityRepository should offer an findOptionalBy
        • [DELTASPIKE-1321] - Upgrade DeltaSpike to require Java8 as minimum 
        • [DELTASPIKE-1335] - allow atomic access to n different TypedResolver 

        • [DELTASPIKE-1277] - Force refresh of cached config values
        • [DELTASPIKE-1322] - clean up ConfigResolver
        • [DELTASPIKE-1326] - Clean up Java 8 support in data module
        • [DELTASPIKE-1339] - Add support for dynamic interceptor binding, 
added via Extension
        • [DELTASPIKE-1340] - Delegate to JPA 2.2 getResultStream
        • [DELTASPIKE-1341] - [perf] QueryProcessorFactory could reuse 
        • [DELTASPIKE-1342] - Upgrade to ASM 6.1 for Java 10 support
        • [DELTASPIKE-1346] - ProjectStageProducer should log changed values 
only if the value changed

        • [DELTASPIKE-1308] - Documentation of user home properties mechanism
        • [DELTASPIKE-1325] - actively release ConfigSources and ConfigFilters 
if they implement Autocloseable

Please VOTE:

[+1] let's ship it!
[+0] meh, don't care
[-1] stop there is a ${showstopper}

The VOTE is open for 72h

txs and LieGrue,

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