Le 19/02/2018 à 19:25, Graham Leggett a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I just upgraded to Java9 so I could work on elasticsearch, and in the process 
> it broke Studio v2.0.0-M13.
> According to https://java.com/en/uninstall/attachmentA.xml Oracle now 
> replaces the previous JDK when upgrading to the next JDK, so running on older 
> version is no longer possible.
> What prevents ADS working?

Clearly, Java 9. And we are certainly not going to support it, as it
will be EOL in March.

Same thing for Java 10 / 18.3, which will EOL in september.

Atm, just uninstall Java 9, keep going with Java 8 which is supported up
to 2020.

Don't buy the stupid Oracle agenda. It's crap. Utter crap. Shame on them.

Emmanuel Lecharny


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