based on my understanding, a global cluster can be setup to spread over
multiple datacenters and the data placement policy will place the data over
multiple datacenters.

My question is "is it possible to create a log stream on a global cluster
that just write to bookies within same datacenter".

I had two use cases, one is for database replication. for example, if there
are 2 datacenters A and B. A global dl cluster is setup over A and B. The
database cluster in A will write updates into a (some) global log
stream(s), and the database in B will tail-read those streams and apply
changes. I think this is a very typical use case of DistributedLog, right?

There is another use case, it is just used for replication within one
datacenter. It doesn't need to replicate to the other datacenter. We want
to share the DL cluster for these two use cases. Is there a way to achieve
that? by tuning the data placement policy for individual streams?

Let me know if you need more information. Appreciate your help.


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