When using core api, there can be only one writer at a given time. so when
the writer issues two writes, the two writes will be in the time order of
when they were written.

However when using thin client, there can be multiple writers. the order of
the writes coming from different writers is determined by their arriving
order in the write proxy, not the time order when they are issued.

It is an ordering concern from write perspective - single writer vs
multiple writers. Once the writes arrive in the log, all the readers will
see exactly same order.

- Sijie

On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 3:12 AM, john.lonergan <john.loner...@gmail.com>

> The best practices page says in "write ordering" , use the core api if you
> need strict write order in the log.
> Can I have a little more clarity what this means.
> I assumed that whether I use the fat or thin client that the writes I make
> would be ordered in the log in bk.
> I assume I am misunderstanding something.Can you help.
> Thanks John

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