Hi Frank,

thanks for the quick answer

Frank Peters escribió:
Hi Ariel,

as you may all know, OpenOffice.org's Help system is going to be extended to support extension's help:


As extension developer I wanted to start studying how to write help files, so I started downloading:


My first beginner-questions:

* is there an ODT version of this PDF document? (I find PDF awful to work with, Writer is more appropriated to notes, highlighting, etc.)

See below.

* as the doc. is from Feb 3, 2006, is it still true this sentence in chap. 4 "Authoring Help With OpenOffice.org" : "You need OpenOffice.org 1.1.x to use the help authoring environment. The authoring environment also is not yet compatible with OpenOffice.org 2.0"? Is it now compatible with OOo 2.3.*?

No. The reason for that being that we developed and used that
environment only internally at Sun and I had a hard time migrating
that to 2.x since profound changes in macro handling and file format
(ODF instead of SXW). So basically, for now we're stuck with this

Ok, so I also downloaded OOo_1.1.5_LinuxIntel_install.tar.gz ... I guess it will look like from the stone age. I will give it a try - anyway I'm not afraid of writing XML ;-)

The extensible help feature is brand new. Would you be willing to
collaborate with us so we can see how the existing environment suits
your needs or where it needs adjustment? I would be happy to provide
you with any assistance that you need to get help files written
for your extension.

You count with the help I could give, just let me know how I can help.
For testing how it works, I thought about extending OOo Base on-line help; see:


I was starting to read/studying how to do this, I thought this is not yet implemented (it's meant for 2.4, I think). Is it ready to use in a developer build?

* where can I download the filter package? I tried "from the helpers/helpauthoring directory of the helpcontent2 CVS module", as the document tells, but I didn't find them there (I browsed the CVS on line and downloaded the whole tree with my CVS client, but this filter package isn't there)

I apologize for the lack of up-to-dateness. I need to edit that
document. You can get the files from the documentation webpages
CVS module at www/online_help/helpers/helpauthoring. So it's

cvs checkout documentation/www/online_help/helpers/helpauthoring

The ODT version of the above mentioned guide is there as well.

Done, Im downloading it right now :-)


Ariel Constenla-Haile
La Plata, Argentina



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