On Fri, May 18, 2018 at 03:50:45PM +0200, Maxime Coquelin wrote:
> Hi Dariusz,
> On 05/18/2018 03:01 PM, Dariusz Stojaczyk wrote:
> > rte_vhost is not vhost-user spec compliant. Some Vhost drivers have
> > been already confirmed not to work with rte_vhost. virtio-user-scsi-pci
> > in QEMU 2.12 doesn't fully initialize its management queues at SeaBIOS
> > stage. This is perfectly fine from the Vhost-user spec perspective, but
> > doesn't meet rte_vhost expectations. rte_vhost waits for all queues
> > to be fully initialized before it allows the entire device to be
> > processed. qFixing rte_vhost directly would require quite a big amount
> > of changes, which would completely break backwards compatibility.
> > 
> > This rte_vhost2 library is intended to smooth out the transition.
> > It exposes a low-level API for implementing new Vhost-user slaves.
> > The existing rte_vhost is about to be refactored to use rte_vhost2
> > library underneath, and demanding backends could now use rte_vhost2
> > directly.
> I like the idea, and the proposed way to smooth the transition.

Please be aware of that I just had a quick glimpse of this patch and it's
likely I don't have too much time to follow this.

However, I also like this idea. And thank you for working on it.


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