On 11.07.2018 13:52, Thomas Monjalon wrote:
11/07/2018 12:15, Andrew Rybchenko:
On 11.07.2018 13:02, Thomas Monjalon wrote:
11/07/2018 11:49, Andrew Rybchenko:
From: Ivan Malov <ivan.ma...@oktetlabs.ru>

Attaching a vdev port may result in multiple
ports actually added because a vdev port may
have slave devices to be attached implicitly.

Ethdev attach API has to fill in the port ID
to be read back by the user and what it does
is take the last assigned ID from the common
list after attach completion. Such an ID may
belong to a slave device and not to the vdev.

This mistake must be precluded by requesting
the port ID by name of device being attached.
No, the real issue is using this function rte_eth_dev_attach.
It is broken since day 1.
Mixing EAL devargs and ethdev port cannot work by design.

If you want to attach a device, you must add it with
and wait for the driver to probe the ports
(which can be ethdev or other classes).
Yes, I totally agree. Doesn't it deserve to be fixed at least in stable?
The concern with stable is to keep it stable :)
I'm afraid this change can introduce more regressions.

Makes sense. I'll drop the patch.

We should take these actions in 18.08:
        - deprecate rte_eth_dev_attach/rte_eth_dev_detach
        - deprecate rte_eal_dev_attach/rte_eal_dev_detach
I did not take time to send the deprecation notices yet.
Feel free to deprecate these functions yourself.
Should we deprecate it right now in 18.08 and schedule removal to 18.11?
Yes, we should mark it as deprecated in 18.08 and plan for removal in 18.11.
It is good to get it removed from the next LTS which is 18.11.

Yes, I agree. I'll care about it.

Or just add deprecation notice in 18.08, mark deprecated in 18.11 and
remove later?
Later is too late :)

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